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The new way to manage incidents in your properties!

How to better manage incidents in your properties:

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Create a Case or a Report

Create a case to make sure you won’t forget about the incident.
Create an Inspection Report for complex problems or during the handover of a unit.
Accessible from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

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All incidents are organized by units.
Receive updates and notifications.
See all the incidents or just the issues assigned to you.
Easy access to all the information you need.

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Know about all your cases

Access the Dashboard
(available for Enterprise plans).
Assign incidents to team members.
Search and filter, run reports on all the incidents in all your units.

Pin the issue on the Floor Plan

No more losing time trying to describe where the problem is, just pin it!

Inspection Reports for Properties

A powerful feature to create Inspections reports directly from your mobile phone or tablet

Sample of a Unee-T Inspection Report for your properties

Handover Reports

Make sure that you capture the state of the unit when you move in.

The report will always be available in Unee-T, even several years later when you move out

Inspection Reports

When you have to evaluate what needs to be done in a unit.

Use Unee-T inspection report to make sure everybody is on the same page.

Before/After Reports

Repairs, renovation, maintenance activities?

Record the state of the unit before and after work is done.

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Available to Professional and Enterprise users for as low as 9.90$/month.


See it in Action

Not sure if Unee-T is right for you?

Not ready to create an account yet?

Use our Demo Environment to see what Unee-T is capable of

User Stories ...

Incident Management in your properties takes a lot of your valuable time today?
See how Unee-T can help you if you are an agent, a landlord, a tenant, a property management company or a contractor: Unee-T is what you need!

A Problem we have all faced at some point...


We all have to deal with incidents and issues in the places where we live or work. There is always things to repairs but there is also regular maintenance activities and renovation work.


… It’s a painful hassle to coordinate everything and to make sure that you have a solution to these incidents your properties…


… When renting, this involves a lot of people! Landlord, agents, management companies, tenant, occupant, contractors…


… The process is tedious and inefficient. It often lacks transparency.

Disagreements and misunderstandings are common.

Spend 50% less time managing incidents in your properties

(0r manage twice as many units with the same number of people…)

Unified Messaging

No need to juggle between phone calls, email, SMS, Whatsapp anymore. Organize things efficiently.

All in one Place

Messages, solutions, next steps, images, budgets, quotes, approvals, deadlines, and more! Everything is there.

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Smarter, not disruptive!

Keep using your existing payment system, your usual contractors, your existing processes… Unee-T makes you much more efficient with minimal changes to how you do things today.

The ideal combination
  • A To Do List
  • A messaging system
  • An issue Tracker

Incident Management made easy

Clean design, easy to use, no training required.



Free for less than 5 units

Unee-T is free if you use it for less than 5 units. Try it now!

Available everywhere

Unee-T is a cloud based application. Your claims are visible on your phone, tablet, computer, laptop, whenever you need them, wherever you need them.

Fully Compatible

Your correspondent is not using Unee-T yet? This is not an issue! We will send him an email so he/she knows what’s happening.

Advanced functionalities

Power users such as real estate agents, contractors or property management companies can subscribe to our premium plans to access more advanced features: multiple users, advanced permissions, time management, pre-defined reports, all you need to be more productive and efficient.

Manage your Properties with Unee-T

Create your Unee-T account now

Unee-T is in Beta version.

When we go LIVE, Unee-T will be free if you create less than 5 properties (or units). As a Beta user, you are allowed to create as many properties you need. You will NOT be charged if you create more than 5 units during our Beta Tests. Only the properties you create AFTER we go LIVE will be considered to determine if you have reached the 5 units limit: if you create 20 properties during our Beta Phase and 2 more units after we go LIVE, you will NOT have reached the 5 units limit yet, Unee-T will still be free for you!