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Inspection Reports

Create any type of Inspection Reports directly from your mobile phone or your tablet.

Unee-T allows you to create an unlimited number of reports for each of your units.

Sample of a Unee-T Inspection Report for your properties

Handover Reports

Make sure that you capture the state of the unit when you move in.

The report will always be available in Unee-T, even several years later when you move out

Inspection Reports

When you have to evaluate what needs to be done in a unit.

Use Unee-T inspection report to make sure everybody is on the same page.

Before/After Reports

Repairs, renovation, maintenance activities?

Record the state of the unit before and after work is done.

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Available to Professional and Enterprise users for as low as 9.90$/month.



How It Works

Create a Report for your unit

Inspection Report is an important part of property management.

You need to record the state of a unit at any given point in time, check the furniture and fixtures installed, report issues if needed.

It can take a lot of valuable time to collect all the information, add picture, prepare the report so you can send it to all interested parties.

This is why you need a fast and efficient solution to do these inspections.

Use Unee-T to create professional looking Inspection Reports directly from your mobile phone or your tablet!

Unee-T Handover Report - Step 1

Add Cases

During inspection, you often identify issues and problems in the property.

With Unee-T, you can record each problem as a case.

You can be sure that you will never forget any of these issues: they are all safely recorded in Unee-T.

You will be able to access each case individually, if needed.

Once the inspection is done and when you’re back in the office, you can even assign different people to different cases.

Make sure that everybody is aware of what needs to be done.

Check the Unee-T to see the progresses made on each cases.

Add Rooms

A property can have several rooms.

You can easily identify each room in the property.

You can use the “Duplicate Report” functionality to re-create a fresh copy of the report for the next inspection: no need to re-create all the rooms again!

Add items

Do you need to record inventory items in your units?

No problem, you can even add picture to help describe each item in details!

Sign and Send the Inspection Report

Once the Report is ready, sign it and send it to the people who need to know

Endorse the Report

Once the Inspection Report is finalized, the people present can sign to endorse the report.

Share the Inspection Report

The report has been finalized and signed. You can now send a .pdf version of the report to all interested parties with just one click!

Unee-T will notify and send the report to all the people involved via email.

Additional Functionalities

Find and Add reports easily

Your reports are easily accessible, anytime, anywhere

Manage your inspection reports

Edit, Export, Duplicate, archive your Inspection Reports.

Powerful Duplication Options

  • You can choose to duplicate the report in Full
  • You can only keep the room or cases or inventory items. You have maximum flexibility with Unee-T.

Follow-up on issues reported

All cases created in an Inspection Report are automatically added to the list of cases for your unit.

Store and Send your Inspection as a PDF document

Once your inspection report is finalized and signed, you can create a professional looking document with one click!

Store the report for future reference.

Send it to all the interested parties.

If you have subscribed to the Professional or Enterprise plan, you can even use your own logo on each of the Inspection report that you generate.

Access your Inspection Reports in Unee-T, whenever and wherever you need them.


Sample of a Unee-T Inspection Report for your properties