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The problem we want to solve - as a team:

There are always issues to manage in any type of property (e.g. leaking taps, missing or broken appliances or equipments, …).

If you manage several properties:

  • How can you efficiently capture all the issues in all the properties you are in charge of?
  • What is the best way to coordinate everything and make sure everybody is on the same page?
  • Where can you keep track of all that has been decided?

All these are significant pain points for people like property managers, real estate agents, contractors or property investors.

Our mission as a team is to solve this problem.

How we're solving it:

We are building a property management App. Unee-T is a Software as a Service (SaaS). Our goal is to increases productivity, transparency and customer satisfaction.

We have a narrow functional focus on case management and Inspection Reports.

Unee-T allows user to:

  • Capture issues easily.
  • Coordinate and communicate to agree on a solution.
  • Not only keep track of what has been done but also remember what was decided. All this is to avoid disputes and disagreements.
    With Unee-T, users can easily search and retrieve information or generate reports from all the issue recorded.

Case (Issue) Management:

Problems happen all the time in properties: the aircon doesn’t work, there is a leakage somewhere, or the water heater is broken.

As a Real Estate professional (Real Estate Agents, Property managers, Electrician, plumbers and other contractors) you are receiving many text messages or phone calls or emails about this. And it happens every day, especially if you are working with many properties.

Thanks to Unee-T, everything is in one place.

Unee-T screen - conversation on a case
  1. Use Unee-T to record the information about the issue.
  2. Continue the conversation in Unee-T.
    And if your correspondent does not use Unee-T this is not a problem: he or she will receive an email notification each time they need to.
  3. And of course, once the solution has been found, you can always go back to Unee-T and see what was discussed and agreed upon.
    What was the last approve quote? Who agreed to pay for what? When did we do the last repair in that property?
    Unee-T is recording everything for future reference.

This is how users will avoid spending time arguing about who has agreed to pay what. They will just have to go back to the Unee-T case and find all the information the need there!

Inspection Reports:

Sample of a Unee-T Inspection Report for your properties

Handover Reports:

Record damages and issues when someone moves in a property.

Blank inspection report
  • All parties can sign the Report on the spot.
  • You can export it as a pdf document.
  • Inspection Reports will always be available in Unee-T, even several years later.
  • With Inspection Report, you can minimize the risk of disagreement and disputes when the unit is returned.

Inspection Reports Before and After work is done:

The typical case is when a contractor is called in to assess an issue. Use Unee-T Inspection Report to capture all the details of the situation. This Inspection Report will become a key document to establish a quote or agree on the next steps.

Once the problem has been solved, it is easy to use Unee-T Inspection Report again. Duplicate the existing report and create an updated version!


The built in signature mechanism makes it easy to record that all parties agree on this report.

Avoid disputes on invoices with Unee-T Inspection Reports!

Inspection Report Signature interface

Users and Customers:

Unee-T is a Freemium solution.

  • It’s free of charge for any Casual User who creates less than 5 units.
  • Power User who need to manage more units and require more advanced functionalities will pay a monthly subscription of 9.90USD/month.

We understand that we need to solve the needs of 2 very different populations: Casual Users and Power Users (our Customers).

Power Users / Customers:

They have multiple units and multiple issues to take care of. Unee-T is a way for them to dramatically improve their productivity. Unee-T also allows Team manager to assign cases to team members either via the case interface or via the more advanced dashboard interface.

The dashboard interface allows Power User to run advanced reports to give them a clear understanding of what’s happening in whole their portfolio of units.

Casual Users:

Casual users are you, me, my mum, anyone who lives or works somewhere. Anyone who needs to know what’s happening. Anyone who is a part of the solution when something has to be taken care of in a property.

We do NOT expect casual users to pro-actively start using Unee-T from their own volition.

We will reach these casual users thanks to our Power User. Power users have a strong incentive to invite Casual User to use Unee-T.

Our Built in invitation mechanism is the key element for us to be able to grow our user base exponentially, the way popular messaging systems like WhatApp, WeChat or Viber grew their user base.

Why is Unee-T different from other Property Management Software?

We understand that communication is at the center of everything. Because of this, Unee-T has a built in invitation mechanism to facilitate user enrollment.

We also want to replicate what WhatsApp or FaceBook Messenger did to SMS/MMS/email/phone calls or what Slack is doing to email and groupware solutions in the enterprise space.

Unee-T unifies all communications and replaces emails, phone calls, SMS, messages: a single channel of communication when something happens in a unit.

Moreover, our narrow functional focus allows us to stay focused AND reach the widest possible user base in both the residential and commercial property spaces:

  • property management company,
  • real estate agents,
  • contractors,
  • tenants,
  • landlords

The Company:

Unee-T is a startup company currently based in Singapore. We incorporated in June 2017 and we have released our first MVP in July 2018.

We are a Tech company for Properties (PropTech). Most of the employees today have a tech background and we do most of our development in house.

Agile development is a critical competency for us and the Open Source methodologies and key principles are influencing the organization far beyond the software team.

In parallel with executing proven models, we understand that we must invent new ones to truly transform this space: there isn’t a shortage of ideas, the trick is picking the one we need to develop and roll out first in order to build momentum. To do that, we have adopted the “Lean” principles.

We are building an organization that learns what products and services we need to build. It is OK to experiment. We know that we will fail and make mistakes sometimes. When this happens, we need to make sure that we learn quickly from these experiences.

We always try and validate our ideas on users and customers, the fastest and cheapest way possible.

Going Forward:

Like MailChimp is now a standard email marketing solution or Survey Monkey the online survey tool for many websites and companies, we want Unee-T to become the standard plug-in for any property management software, solution and marketplaces which need a case management component.

This is why we are building Unee-T with connectivity in mind. It will be easy to integrate Unee-T with any other standard solutions thanks to our open APIs.

Our ambitions are global and our first key market is the US.