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Franck Boullier

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Franck Boullier


Serial entrepreneur (Unee-T is his 3rd startup). Franck has been in the property management business in Singapore for the last 12 years after working for Compaq and HP in France and Europe.

He is the proud father of 3 amazing kids, a rugby player, scuba diver, plane pilot. He also got his MBA degree from INSEAD back in 2006.

In his more than 20 years’ career, Franck has held several responsibilities in different geographies. He was a Sales Rep and then Sales Manager for Sagem in France, worked for Compaq as Major Account Manager then as manager of the Internet Division and then manager for SMB and Major account Marketing. When Compaq and HP merged together, he was in charge of Partner and Customer Operations in France. He also worked for HP EMEA as Business Development Manager.

When Franck moved to Singapore in 2006, during in INSEAD MBA, he created a successful property management firm LMB Housing Services. Franck sold part of LMB to it’s management team in 2017.

A tech enthusiast, he learned how to code and developed several websites for his businesses. He is also a database architect.

Franck created the current version of what is now the Unee-T dashboard back in 2008.