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Kai Hendry

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Kai Hendry

Dev Ops and Infrastructure

Kai is recognized as an AWS Hero. He is a regular speaker at several AWS events and a huge fan of the cloud (obviously). Kai is one of the co-organiser of the Singapore AWS User Group

Kai has a wealth of experience building complex, multi-region, fault tolerant and scalable online services. Of course he’s an Archlinux user, can’t survive more than a few days away from a Web connection and strive on making things suck less.

He used to be a member of the Debating Society when he was a student at the University of Helsinki. Check his tech focused You tube channel and subscribe to it (and you gotta check that interview from 2011 also)!

Kai Hendry is a Devops expert (some even say “demi-god”) with 20 years of experience deploying applications and sometimes even writing them

He used to be a senior develops for Spuul, a video streaming service with a heavy focus on mobile. Worked on data mining for very large scale data sets and very serious about performance, security and infrastructure robustness.