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John – Contractor

//John – Contractor

When John goes to a unit, he needs to know what the problem is.

When he runs into an issue he sometime needs the customer’s confirmation or approval before he can start spending time and money to fix the problem.

When a job is done he needs to inform the customer and then make sure he gets paid what’s been agreed in the quotes.

Before Unee-T John was receiving calls, emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages. It worked but it was often a problem to remember all these different and parallel conversations and get all the information he needs in one place.

One day, one of John’s contact sent him a claim with Unee-T: it was an email describing the issue with a link to the Unee-T interface…

Since then each time he needs to communicate with an agent, a landlord, an occupant he chooses to use Unee-T:

  • Everything is available when he needs it.
  • He can easily search for past jobs on his mobile but also on his computer in the office.
  • No more spending a long time for the latest approved quote: it’s available in Unee-T .
    He can see immediately if it’s been approved or not and who’s supposed to pay for the work done!

John has decided to use the advanced functionalities of Unee-T:

  • He can assign a job to any person in his team: no information is lost
  • He can also add private comments that are only visible to the people he selects and not visible by anyone else.
  • The report function and automated alerts help him manage what’s happening: he has a much better understanding of what’s going on now
John – Contractor