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Kenny – Agent

//Kenny – Agent

When a tenant moves in a new unit there is a lot to do: the initial inventory, list all the issues in the unit and making sure that they are all taken care of.

Kenny manages a lot of units for several landlords and also represents several tenants. He has to coordinate communication between the landlord, the tenant and sometime the contractors that are needed to fix certain issues.

Unee-T gives him what no other platform have been able to provide

  • All the units he manages are accessible in a very easy and convenient way, the information he needs is always available, whenever he needs it, wherever he needs it.
  • Unee-T makes him more efficient and reactive and allows him to manage more units than before and his landlords and tenants are loving it!
  • Contact information are kept confidential: if any correspondant in a Unee-T conversation does not have the details for my landlord, he will never see these.
  • Thanks to the advanced functionalities in Unee-T he can send handover and inventory reports with just one tap of his fingers.
Kenny – Agent