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Peter – Property Manager

//Peter – Property Manager

Peter manages several commercial properties, offices and retail. He needs to make sure that his people on the field are efficient.

He wanted to move from the traditional reports and excel sheets that were the norm to keep track of everything.

WhatsApp was a major improvement in his life but it was not perfect for what he needed to do.

When Peter learnt about Unee-T he was skeptical at first: “Another tool… And my guys don’t understand technology very well! How will this work?”

After a few days, he realized that the real power of Unee-T is in it’s extremely intuitive yet powerful interface.

When something happens on the field his people just have to get their phone, take a picture, describe the issue and hit send: it’s as easy as sending an SMS or a WhatsApp message. If they don’t want to write a lot, they can even simply add a voice message or record a video.

But there’s more!

Because Peter signed up for the advanced Unee-T functionalities, he can generate and share pre-defined reports, see time spent on each issue, have several people in his team, such as his supervisors and office people looking at a claim. They all get the information they need.

Peter – Property Manager