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Rachel – Tenant

//Rachel – Tenant

When Rachel moved in her new flat she saw her agent using Unee-T to do the inventory and record all the issues in the unit.

Her agent explained that this was the most efficient way for him to do his job and make sure that in 2 or 3 years, when it will be time to move out, there will be no information lost.

“That’s important”, he said, “because we want to avoid any dispute in the future: we need to remember all these details about the chipped counter top in the kitchen so you can get your deposit back in full!

“Also, I want to make sure that the small leakage in the bathroom and the problem with the water heater is taken care of. With Unee-T I’ll be able to coordinate all this with the other agent, the landlord and the contractors, it’s much simpler and you’ll be kept informed in real time”

“And because Unee-T is accessible anywhere and at any time, I don’t have to worry about backing up data. I changed my phone last week and I just had to log back in, all the claims for all my units were there, it saved me hours!”

Since then Rachel is a Unee-T user too: last winter the heater in her bedroom broke down. She created a Unee-T claim about the issue and everybody was instantly made aware of the problem. It was fixed in just a few days with minimum efforts.

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Rachel – Tenant